Birthdays are the DEVIL

I hate the event…people bringing bad food, drinking (for the adults of course) and less we forget the main event- a giant sugary cake. Can you say test of strength!? Yes, even this health nut still retains her battle with food addiction. And with a household of six and a boyfriend with a huge extended family, I’m basically faced with a birthday or two per month.
I’ve already been present for three of the four kids’ birthdays this year, and I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the eight year old’s this past Sunday. Luckily for these kiddies, I’m overjoyed at the prospect of suddenly being able to do things I haven’t yet had the pleasure of taking on…like making outrageously colored and festive cakes. Witness exhibit A…Ella’s 8th birthday cake:

(Bows) Yes thank you, thank you all. It’s by far the coolest and prettiest cake I’ve ever created and its full of sugar!! Which brings me to today’s word…WILLPOWER.
Sometimes…ok more often than not, I just don’t have it. I revert back to my pudgy, unhealthy days and my inner monologue screams, “CHOCOLATE AND SUGAR!! FEED ME!!!” And then I’m left standing in the kitchen on my lunch break with arms crossed and toe tapping feverishly. Staring at the delicious leftovers in my cake saver. How does one combat an uninterrupted craving such as this? Do I call a friend and have her yell at me through the phone to toss the thing immediately? No- I guiltily devour several large forkfuls. Dammit…well at least according to my Lose It! app I burned almost 800 calories teaching spin and doing my back/bi’s workout this morning. I plop down on the couch and sift through emails in an attempt to erase the previous 5 minutes of my life, but I’m left wondering what possessed me to give in so easily.
I know many have been faced with the same or similar scenario, but for this fitness buff, who likes to practice what she preaches to her clients, the guilt I feel might surpass others’.
I guess next time ill chose to phone a friend. After all…we’re having the extended family over to celebrate AGAIN in a week!


4 thoughts on “Birthdays are the DEVIL

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